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“Update, Friday, May 5, 2006.”

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

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In a recent newsletter from a Messianic ministry in Israel, we learned that some Israel government leaders are actually pushing to make Tel Aviv the "gay capital of the world," because they believe they can get a lot of tourist dollars that way. Please pray that these govt. leaders would get out of power and be replaced by God-fearing leaders. Pray that there would be a public outcry to stop the campaign of making Tel Aviv the "gay capital of the world."

Please also pray for the new Israeli national government that was just cobbled together, that it would make wise decisions and would not be able to agree on giving away any more of Israel’s land. (The conservative members brought into the liberal government will not let the liberal members and Prime Minister give away Israel’s Biblical land. We need to pray for no more of Israel’s Biblical land to be given away.) However, the newest report says that Prime Minister Olmert is drawing up plans to give East Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority! We should contact him politely but firmly to protest this at pm_eng@pmo.gov.il . Also we should write our elected officials in our countries, to urge them not to support such an unbiblical move.

Please also pray for the new government to be very friendly to Messianic Jewish believers who are in the country or planning to move there (make “aliyah”).

Please continue to pray Psalm 91 protection over Israel, the U.S., and the other countries on your prayer list. Pray for revival and salvation.

Last of all, please continue to pray that Iran would somehow be thwarted from getting nuclear weapons and the means to deliver or smuggle them.

Thanks, and Shalom!



>>Israel Updates > Israel Update, May 5, 2006