“Update, Thursday, March 24, 2005.”

This is a quick note to ask you to pray for safety in Israel during the Purim celebrations there. (Purim starts this evening at sundown, for 48 hours. Israel is 8 hours ahead of us in the Central Time Zone.)

You may wish to read Esther tonight in harmony with the practice of Purim, and celebrate the deliverance that God gives to the Jewish people and all who are grafted in through faith in Yeshua (Jesus). Today is the Fast of Purim, inspired by the fast that Esther engaged in before asking for deliverance for the Jewish people. It’s a perfect time for us to pray for salvation and deliverance for Israel and the Jewish people. I “happened” to read Psalm 9 in my readings this morning, and it is a prayer more or less, that harmonized beautifully with the prayers appropriate to the Fast of Purim.