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“Update, Thursday, April 4, 2007.”

Dear Friends,

Regarding prayer for Israel:

It is reported that Hamas and similar groups are preparing for war with Israel. They are ready to be called into action, for example, if America attacks Iran. Terror cells around the world would probably be activated to attack U.S. and allies' targets. Please pray that they would be disorganized and ineffective.

Also, please pray that any illegal immigrants in the U.S. or allied countries would be found and expelled (this would require a policiy change in the U.S. that is very needed).

Pray that the U.S. would be involved where God wills, for good and not for evil, especially that we and our allies would spread the Gospel and protect the unborn. Pray that we would stay out where it is not God's will, around the world. Pray that our president and Congress would follow constitutional limitations and procedures.

The Iranians detained 15 British sailors and just set them free. This was a clever way of pressuring Britain to compromise, and back off from assisting in any U.S. attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. www.debka.com states that a British delegation went to Iran, and offered to pledge not to ever enter Iranian waters - this would prevent Britain from pariticipating in any U.S. led attack on Iran. Whether or not the U.S. attacks Iran, it is in the interest of freedom-seekers everywhere to pressure Iran to stop working on nuclear weapons, and to depose Ahmanijehad. Pray for no wedge between the U.S. and Britain.

There is a debate going on in Iran's government, between the hardliners like President Ahmanijehad (who want to provoke military conflict and get victory over the U.S. and Israel), and pragmatists like Supreme Ruler Ayatollah Khameini and head of the security council Ali Larijani, who want to avoid provoking the U.S. (Their long term goals may be as bad as Ahmanijehad, however.) Pray for Ahmanijehad to lose his office. Pray that Iran not get nuclear weapons. Pray for salvation for these leaders and the nations.

Many Arab governments have debates amongst their leaders. For example, Saudi Arabia's leaders are split, whether to support the U.S., or to support radical Islam and the destruction of the West. Please pray for governments to have dominant factions that support enhancing freedom in the country or at least peace in the world. Pray for believers to be able to be more open around the world, and for the Gospel to be let in.

Iran made many inroads during the Arab League conference which they visited and were welcomed into (even though they are not Arab). They are asking for mutual defense treaties with each of the Arab nations, and urging protectiveness against American influence in the area. Pray for Iranian diplomacy to fail. Pray for America to have good influence in the area. Pray against attacks on America and Israel and our allies.

Pray that America and Israel and other countries (notably Britain and India) to stand together miraculously for Messiah in our policies and be a bulwark against Muslim world domination.

Thank you. And Happy Day of Firstfruits/Yom Bikkurim/Resurrection Day!



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