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“Update, Friday, April 8, 2005.”

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Prime Minister Sharon’s government has survived the budget deadline and other challenges. His plan to remove all Jewish people from Gaza and four communities in N. Samaria is therefore not prevented from accomplishment, to my disappointment. Let us pray that God would have His way in this, and that somehow Israel would not give away this strategic land for an insincere promise of peace.

P.M. Sharon is scheduled to visit President Bush April 11. Pray for the various meetings during his visit to the U.S. There will be intense pressure on him to (1) stop any growth of the towns and villages in Judea & Samaria, and (2) agree to various horrible ideas to allow the P.A. to keep more and more land, such as the land corridor proposed between Gaza & Judea, and less favorable borders (like the 1949 armistice borders rather than modified 1967 borders between the P.A. and Israel). President Bush is not sticking to the impressions that Israel has had about these issues.

Pres. Bush appears to be favoring P.M. Abbas of the P.A., in order to help him stay in power. (Abbas is facing growing rebellion against him from all his people.) Pres. Bush is in turn hurting the apple of God’s eye, Israel, and this is not good.

We need to pray for Pres. Bush (and Sec. of State Rice). He has not acted the same since he met with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This was during Bush’s first term in office, and he apparently compromised his protection of Israel to appease the oil countries/Arab countries.

Also, please pray for wisdom for each citizen of Israel under this ungodly plan. A few rabbis have called for all Israeli soldiers not to report to duty after Passover, to avoid participating in the forced removal of the Jewish residents of Gaza. (Passover starts the evening of April 23 through sundown the 30th.) P.M. Sharon has begun weekly meetings with the leaders of the communities being threatened, to plan and avoid violent confrontations. But civil war and/or a breakdown of the military is a grave concern. Furthermore, the P.A. would love to see embarrassment for the Israeli government, and all the terrorist groups recognize that the withdrawal would be a sign of Israel’s weakness, fear and disintegrating morale. They are heartened in their evil plans against the West and see this as a retreat. Hezbollah is planting bombs along the Gaza withdrawal route, to disrupt the evacuation, according to www.debka.com. Please pray for mercy, order and unity somehow in all this.

Please also pray for safety for our embassies and installations around the world; there is heightened alert for plans against them by terrorists.

Also please pray for better leaders and governments that are friendly to peace/freedom/the gospel, for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and other countries too (China, Russia, N. Korea…). For example, remember Pres. Parvez Musharaff of Pakistan in your prayers, as he risks his life to purge Pakistan of violent Muslims in their military and intelligence, and tries to forge better relations with India and the U.S. Pray that he would be sincere in this, and it would work out.

Please pray for wise choices and deepening friendship between Israel, the U.S., India, and other countries as bulwarks against world Muslim domination. This important alliance was brought to my attention by believers who commented a few years ago on the prophetic significance of the space shuttle Columbia (U.S.A.) coming apart over Palestine, Texas. The personnel aboard were American, an Indian, and an Israeli. We need to stay together, and keep Israel together, and not try to create a “Palestine” apart from the Jewish people.

The U.S. had announced that we are selling 124 F-16’s to India, and then we announced we’re selling 24 of them to Pakistan. India is irked at us about this – pray for no rifts in our friendship.

Thanks for caring & praying,