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“Update, Thursday, June 15, 2007.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The news from Gaza is not good for America and the free world.

The Islamic radicals- the group Hamas- violently took over and displaced the more secular group Fatah. They’re turning Gaza into a terror state, with wild killings and terrorization of the population there. Iran and Syria more or less staged a coup. They call the shots.

Many U.S. supplied weapons to help Fatah defend itself and the P. M. Abbas have been taken into possession by Hamas. They even obtained Israeli license plates for vehicles – usable for penetration where Palestinian license-plated vehicles are more thoroughly checked. They got armored cars, ammo, M-16s… Worst, reams of files and CD-ROMs and computer records of CIA networks in the Middle East as well as procedures, have been captured by Hamas. Iran will pay royally to get these. Please pray for the western-friendly agents to get to safety before they are found and tortured to get information, around the Middle East – or that the enemy will be blinded to the meaning of the files or they will be rendered miraculously unusable by the Hand of the Lord.

This situation puts Israel in an awkward situation at the border. Do they endure contact there with their opposites, who are under the authority of a terror group? So far, some have suggested they declare Gaza a hostile state, and seal off the borders. This has consequences for the many people in Gaza are economically helped by Israel, such as thru trade going thru those border crossings.

Please pray for the common people of Gaza, who are terrorized into becoming more radical against Israel. Especially pray for the Christians caught in this situation.

Pray for Christians in Arab and Islamic countries in general, for protection, wisdom, and to be a witness as the Lord leads. Pray for their governments and neighbors to be born again! This includes believers in Baghdad and Iraq in general.

Please pray for Lebanon – the pro western leader there is making very little progress in battling the pro-Syrian Palestinians in the refugee camps and the rebelling may spread. Pray for success. Also one more pro-Western member of their parliament was assassinated a few days ago, another blow to the government, done like the last one by Syria in 2005.

Continue to pray that Iran be stopped from getting nuclear weapons. There are contradictory accounts as to whether the U.S. will intervene militarily – but some how Iran must be stopped. Best would be a bloodless earthquake or similar destruction of every lab and processing plant and reactor in Iran before they go more active.

Syria and Iran and consulting and cooperating more and preparing for war with Israel (and the U.S.). Pray for division.

Shimon Peres, elder liberal statesman and past prime minister of Israel, was just elected the new president. Please pray for him in the flagship ceremonial post, to help unite the country.

And Prime Minister Olmert is coming to the White house for meetings on the 19th – pray for wisdom and protection for the leaders and the nations of Israel & the U.S. as well as our allies.

Thanks for praying!




>>Israel Updates > Israel Update, June 15, 2007