“Update, Monday, July 18, 2005.”

Israel is in crisis, with areas in and around Gaza under barrages from Hamas and other groups in Gaza. Israelis are dying and being wounded in these mortar and rocket attacks.

The terror groups are also preparing in Judea and Samaria, for attacks against Israel. There terror groups are busily stockpiling and making preparations for an expected siege from Israeli security forces responding.

Mr. Abbas, of the P.A., acts unable to counteract the terror groups in Gaza, who had street battles with his security forces (see below). Things are out of his control. How much does he really want to contain violence against Israel, however? Please pray for the Palestinians to come to the Lord and put down their bombs, mortars, etc.

At the same time the terror is increasing, Mr. Sharon has declared a closure of the Gaza area to all non-residents, inflaming passions even more in Israel. There was supposed to be a protest march today in Gaza, that many legislators and citizens from outside Gaza were planning to come to, and now cannot. There is a split taking place that really hurts Israel.

Please pray for wisdom and calm in Israel, and that God would bring many to Jesus our Messiah in this time of distress.

Now Sec. of State Rice is returning to the Middle East to help get the Israelis to withdraw according to the timetable (starting Aug. 17).

As I have written before, Sharon’s withdrawal from Gaza and 4 towns in Judea & Samaria is against God’s plan. God is working restoration of Israel, and judgment for those who divide up Israel (Joel 3:2). Please pray for God to intervene.

The report below is helpful, if you have time to read it.




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The Lekarev Report
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July 15, 2005 8 Tammuz 5765

"He perceives no iniquity in Yaakov, and sees no sin in Israel. Hashem, his G-d is with him, and the shofar blast of the King is in him." Numbers 23:21

Sderot, Gaza Under Attack
Palestinian terrorists fired eight Qassam rockets at the southern town of Sderot and its vicinity this morning. No injuries were reported in the latest barrage.

One of the rockets landed in Sderot's Neve Eshkol neighborhood, causing slight damage to a house in the area. Another rocket landed near a school in the town, while the others apparently landed in open areas. Angry residents were planning to stage a demonstration against the continued attacks later Friday. Dozens of locals already demonstrated in the town's center Friday morning and burned tires to protest the rocket barrages directed at the town.

Meanwhile, Palestinians fired 15 mortar shells at Gaza Strip communities early Friday. Most shells landed in the southern Gaza Strip and caused no injuries or damage.

The Latest Terror Victim
Palestinian terrorists killed 22-year-old Dana Gelkowitz at Moshav Netiv Ha'Asara in a massive mortar shelling Thursday evening. She lived in Kibbutz Bror Chail, where she is to be buried on Friday. The community is located about 200 meters (650 feet) north of the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza and has been the target of previous mortar shell and rocket attacks.

Three other shells exploded harmlessly in the community and the fourth one struck a house on the moshav. Shrapnel injured the woman in her head and killed her as she was sitting on the porch. Her fiance and two others were treated for shock. Initial reports were that terrorists had fired Kassam rockets on the moshav, but security officials later determined that the weapons were mortar shells. The owner of the house said he had asked the government to reinforce the roof against terrorist attacks, but was told no funds were available. "I told them that when someone will be killed, then the money will arrive, and now someone has been killed."

IDF Retaliates
Following Thursday's massive and fatal shelling attack against Israel, the IDF bombed Hamas buildings, and blockaded Gaza roads. The terrorists still managed to fire more Kassams later. The Israeli missile strikes hit four buildings in Khan Yunis, adjacent to Gush Katif, Dir el-Balah in central Gaza, and Jabalya, near northern Gaza. Most of the buildings were said to be weapons storehouses.

This was the first time the IDF has mounted a major operation in Gaza since the Sharm el-Sheikh accords in February.

War on the Streets in Gaza
Clashes between Hamas members and Palestinian Authority security forces resumed in full force this morning, following persistent rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli communities. At least two Palestinians were killed and more than 15 others sustained wounds in the fighting, which took place in several locations across the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported. Reportedly one of those killed is a 10-year-old boy. The other one is reportedly an unidentified 18-year-old youngster.

Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported a heavy deployment of Palestinian Authority forces and armored vehicles on city streets. The sources added Hamas members could be seen directing automatic and mortar fire at PA forces, posts, and vehicles. The most serious exchanges of fire were reported in Gaza City. During the clashes, Hamas members reportedly torched an armored vehicle belonging to the Palestinian Authority.

The spiraling tensions are causing speculation of all out civil war in Gaza between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. "We will sever the hand of anyone who tries to harm our fighters," a masked Hamas spokesman told reporters in an impromptu news conference later broken up by police. The PA has declared a state of emergency.

Two More Victims of Terror
The body of the Israeli woman murdered in the London terror attack last week has been identified. Foreign Ministry officials say that arrangement are being made to fly Anat Rosenberg's body back to Israel in the coming days.

Rosenberg, who was to celebrate her 40th birthday in a week's time, will be buried in Jerusalem, say her parents, who arrived in London to search for their daughter. Her father, 70-year old Aryeh Rosenberg, told ynet Thursday, "Today we recognized her. Her face was undamaged, we saw her and we even touched her. She lay there as if she were asleep." "We already accepted the worst, but we had hoped in our hearts for a miracle," said Aryeh. "To our sorrow, it didn't happen."

Here in Israel, the grandmother I told you about after the Netanya bombing has died of her injuries, bringing the death toll to four. Her daughter is recovering and the 3 year old granddaughter is in more serious condition but appears to be stable at this time. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Anti-Disengagement Rallies Around the World Tuesday
In a coordinated international effort, many cities around the world will hold rallies in solidarity with Gush Katif and northern Shomron and against the expulsion/withdrawal plan this Tuesday.

The Alliance for Eretz Yisrael is organizing the worldwide effort. The Alliance's website states that it is a worldwide coalition of concerned organizations and prominent individuals working "to stop the dismemberment of the land of Israel and the surrender of Israel's government to Islamic terrorism." Rallies will be held in New York, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Melbourne, Montreal, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia and many other places. For a full list, and information on each rally, http://w ww.telavivrally.com/who.php

Shabbat Shalom
Perceptions play an amazing part in our daily life. Things are often not what they seem but our perceptions mislead us. This week's Torah portion addresses this problem and helps us stop and think of what we may be misjudging about ourselves and others. Check it out by clicking below!

Shabbat Shalom and blessings, Leah

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