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From: The Elijah Prayer Army
To: Weinberger, David
Subject: Prayer Alert 05-29

The Elijah Prayer Army

Prayer Alert 05-29
Aug 19, 2005

Prayer Topic this Week:

• Thanks for Praying! Please Continue!


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• Thanks for Praying! Please Continue!

"Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." (Ps 126:4-6)

The removal of the Jewish people from Gaza and northern Samaria has been the largest Israeli military operation since the Lebanon war in 1982. Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens said in an interview this week that the disengagement is "the biggest internal crisis that Israel has ever faced." Arens called it a "self-inflicted wound" that "will leave serious scars behind.

Thank you for fasting and praying in this hour of crisis for Israel! We believe that the Lord is very pleased with your sacrifice. Please know that it has not been in vain despite the fact that the dreaded disengagement is now underway! God is recording every prayer and answers will come in His time and in the way He chooses. Out of much pain much good can come as we continue to pray!

We must remember that the disengagement itself is not over yet. Many crucial aspects that need our faithful prayers are still ahead. Much can happen. So far the disengagement has been far less violent than expected. We must pray that it will continue this way and that God will use it for good.

Here is a quite revealing report from what took place in the settlement of Morag this week.

"Teams of soldiers entered the settlement of Morag Monday afternoon and began distributing eviction orders while trying to convince the settlers to leave voluntarily. Some residents are packing up their belongings, others are folding their laundry, refusing to leave, waiting for a miracle.

"At one point, in an emotional standoff, Colonel Erez Tzukerman, head of the Golani Brigade, hugged and cried together with the Morag settlers in an effort to persuade them to evacuate voluntarily before Wednesday, when the forced evacuation was slated to begin. 'We didn't come here to clash with you, but to offer assistance and to help you, the people we once protected and worked hand in hand with,' a teary-eyed Tzukerman called out to a crowd of several hundred anti-disengagement activists gathered at the entrance to the southern settlement.

"A young man suddenly emerged from the crowd with tears streaming down his face and called out to the senior officer, 'I was an officer under your command, you taught me what it was to be an officer and protect the Israeli people. We are not your enemy but you have turned us into your enemy. Just six months ago, I was wearing an army uniform and serving side by side with you.' Tzukerman then wrapped his arms, in a tight bear hug, around the former subordinate, evoking cries of anguish and sadness from the crowd.

"Tzukerman told the crowd that he loved them and that he felt that the settlers of Morag were a part of this nation and always would be.'All of the officers are here and we are together on this day in a display of our love and affection to offer you help and assist you during this difficult time.'

"The crowd then broke out singing Hatikva and together with the soldiers sang the national anthem." (End quote Lekarev Report)

We must know that the battle has only begun. Hamas has promised that they will never lay down their weapons. Hamas chief Khaled Mashal explained this week to the London-based al-Hayat newspaper, that the withdrawal from Gaza is "the beginning of the end for Israel." Their strategy is very clear: today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem and after that all of Israel. We must neither lay down our spiritual weapons. In the end faith in the promises of God will win.

Our eyes, however, must be opened to the truth even when the truth hurts. The fact is that the horrible disengagement and surrender to terror that has caused so much pain for Israel was ordered by the United States of America on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Last week the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, came to Jerusalem and pleaded with Sharon to reconsider his plan to retreat from Gaza and Samaria. Sharon answered Rabbi Cohen: "This is what the U.S. State Department is demanding that I do, and I must do it".

US Secretary of State Condolezza Rice had the nerve this week in the midst of the pain to declare that Israel's withdrawal from Gaza is only a beginning. In order to make room for a Palestinian state, more withdrawals must follow!! Can this end well for America? We have heard for decades that God has blessed America because it has stood with Israel. What will happen now? Where are the prophets right now in the United States sounding an alarm?? The so-called prophetic movement has degenerated into a business and the watchmen have become mute dogs that cannot bark.

A crucial question right now is this: will the disengagement become a Dunkirk for Israel - a shameful retreat that will bring about a new resolve to begin to fight back? Sooner or later we believe that this will be the case. These are decisive moments of history!

Debka File reports this week,

"The copious tears of sympathy most Israelis shed this week over the plight of Israeli families thrown out of their homes in Gaza made way Thursday, Aug 18, for shocked outrage. The sight of forcible evacuations and the desecration of synagogues, elderly men in prayer shawls, rabbis, youths and women holding babies dragged out of not one but three houses of worship, reached deep into tragic ancestral memories. The fact that the storm troops were Israel Defense Forces soldiers and police officers made the outrage witnessed live on television screens around the world even more insupportable. While the so-called left fringe applauded "the settlers'" comeuppance, the majority of Israelis condemned the Sharon government for the senseless brutality of the orders it handed the troops.

"Many of the Jewish inhabitants clinging to their homes today would have accepted eviction for the sake of genuine peace. But while that goal is not visible, their uprooting from Gaza could have been managed humanely. After Ariel Sharon bulldozed his disengagement plan through the Knesset, he should have got down to the reconstruction of Gush Katif B, Neve Dekalim B, Kfar Darom B in the southern Negev. Once the new villages were standing, entire Gaza communities could have been persuaded to relocate their schools, institutions, neighbors and synagogues to the new places with a minimum of pain.

"So what was the hurry to uproot them now and dump them into an uncertain future? Why was the August 17 deadline more sacred than Jewish synagogues? Would it have been a crime to let Mahmoud Abbas, the Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists wait another year to lay hands on the enclave that was vacant and unwanted before the Israelis communities set down roots there?

"The amazing thing is that not a single Israeli voice was raised to demand of the government a sane and civilized approach to the man-made human tragedy that might have saved whole communities from being driven to despairing illusory sanctuary in their synagogues. Not even the Supreme Court of Justice, normally so diligent in addressing the slightest human and civil rights violations, never addressed the evacuees' human or civil rights. It is as though 10,000 Israeli citizens by being condemned to expulsion from their homes suddenly lost their most basic rights, each individual becoming a sort of sub-citizen deserving of nothing. Not a single protest came from any of the human rights watch groups; no murmur against the infringement of a community's religious rights and the destruction of its houses of worship.

"Israeli troops forced to carry out their impossible orders did not for the most part break ranks. But the shame drawn on their faces was clear to see and will not fade in a hurry. "(End quote)

In our first Prayer Alert regarding the disengagement we wrote that it will cause much suffering for Israel, but in the end it will bring about a new resolve among Jewish people to fight for their land and rather than decrease Israel will in the end instead increase. Let's continue to pray and believe God for a complete turnaround and defeat of the enemy's plans!

Here is an encouraging prayer report from Wales in response to our recent extra Prayer Alert,

"Your message so tied in with what Father is showing me that I thought I'd share some with you to encourage you that we're hearing what the spirit is saying right now.

'Push through the enemy ranks. Don't be overwhelmed by what you see, and don't think defensive. Think VICTORY. Join hands across the nations now and SHOUT for VICTORY. Make a loud noise in the spiritual realm like the noise of many shofar's sounding in war. We must make a louder noise than the enemy's making right now. You have gained huge steps forward in the spiritual realm. Don't give up thinking it's no use. Something HUGE HAS happened and is STILL happening. Important to keep pushing through and regather the troops to take more ground. Don't look at the situation on the ground level. Look to God who is the author and finisher of our FAITH. Don't be phased by the enemy tactics. Keep you're faith up and press on like Esther'.

"I had a dream the other night after finishing the Esther fast. Someone was being hung on the gallows down in a valley. Up high on the mountain top I could see a small group of people shouting Victory and waving banners and blowing shofars. On waking as I was reflecting I believe it was Haman (book of Esther) that I was seeing hanging on the gallows." (End quote)

If you are tired of the battle and need to renew your prayer life, the best advice we can give you is this: read the word of God! Read and read and read until faith and anointing returns to storm heaven in powerful intercession. And don't be afraid of tears. We need to weep right now with those who are hurting.

Here are some prayer points to agree on:

- Pray that the evil behind the disengagement will be revealed to more and more people in Israel and around the world!

- Pray that it will cause more people in Israel will turn to God for help instead of trusting in man!

- Pray that God will use the disengagement to break hard hearts and bring a national turn around for good!

- Pray that God's grace and favor will be poured out upon Israel in the midst of pain and suffering!

- Pray for protection from violent extremists among the Jewish people and from Arab terror attacks!

- Pray for continued healing and reconciliation through non-violent opposition! Pray for tears of healing!

- Pray for comfort to all the families who have lost their homes!

God bless you as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem!

Shabbat Shalom!

Lars and Harriet Enarson

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