Israel Updates: October 23, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here are some items to pray for, regarding Israel and the U.S.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear, in his U.N. speech, some excellent "red lines" beyond which Iran could not cross, in their efforts to enrich uranium and make a bomb .

Let's pray that the U.S. and allies like Israel would cooperate in this effort to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Pray for India and others to join in the effort.

Pray for God to block Iran one way or the other. He may use a change in Iran's government, or their government's policy, or an earthquake, or flood...

One background note is that Mr. Netanyahu was able to estimate next spring or summer as the probable time at which Iran might be able to cross the red line, instead of late September (now), only because of the recent sabotage on the Iranian uranium enrichment plant at Fordo. Thank God for the extra time!

Pray for more successful efforts, like sabotage and computer viruses, to stop the Iranian efforts to enrich uranium and develop bombs and rockets to deliver the bombs.

Pray for saboteurs to be able to escape, and for God to protect them against capture, interrogation, torture and death. Some suspects are being interrogated by Iran, now. Pleae pray for them.

Please pray for King Abdullah of Jordan, who is being threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood. He has been friendly to Israel and the U.S. The Muslim Brotherhood is pressuring him to give up his ascendancy, to share power or get out of power. They would be unfriendly to Israel, and cause more encirclement of Israel by dangerous enemies. Pray for his salvation!

Please pray that Assad of Syria would not use chemical weapons to fight the rebellion against him.

And pray that these chemical weapons would not be used against Israel, or U.S. bases/warships, and not get into the hands of Hizbollah in Lebanon, for use against Israel. Iran has made agreements with Hizbollah, Hamas, and Syria, that Iran can tell them when to attack Israel and U.S. bases in the area. They would do this to retaliate if the U.S. and/or Israel attacked Iran, and they might call for a preemptive attack against us. We should pray against any such attacks.

Please pray for the salvation of all these leaders, and the peoples affected!

Thanks for praying, thanks for caring!