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“Update, Thursday, November 30, 2006.”

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am sorry to bother you so soon with another prayer update, but really momentous things are getting into motion today:

Today, Pres. Bush is receiving the new vision for Middle East policies from the briefing given by the Iraqi Study Group headed by former Sec. of State James Baker (who was not friendly towards Israel) and ex-Democrat Congressman Lee Hamilton. Pres. Bush and his top team are said to be ready to swallow the recommendations immediately, based on the Republican losses in the Congress and Senate.

Please pray that whatever comes of this would lead America in a Biblical posture towards Israel (Gen. 2:3). This would take a miracle. Seems that the president is creating a new strategic alliance with Russia, based on Putin’s renewed wooing of the U.S. I doubt that Russia can be trusted in the long run. This vision is seen as restoring our influence with the Arab world. We would also accept Russia’s negotiating with Iran to limit their nuclear capabilities. This is highly suspect. We would try to positively negotiate with Iran and Syria, perhaps compromising with them.

And today, after this top level briefing, President Bush is set to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and give him the new American approach, without recourse or give-and-take. We are said to be distancing ourselves from Israel and Jordan, our friends who shared the vision of the elimination of the Saddam Hussein regime, and put their countries on the line. America has a recent history of mis-treating our allies and sometimes abandoning them; we need to pray against this happening. A retreat from Iraq emboldens the terror groups and nations to attack us more, not less. Just yesterday, four Middle East terror groups called for attacks on America to the same extent as they are attacking Israel.

Here is an interesting synopsis, from the Lekarev Report (see www.lekarev.org for contact info):

On the heels of the Sept 11 attacks on the United States, a strategic pact between the US and Russian presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin for the purpose of doing battle with al Qaeda and the world Islamic terrorist movement was forged over the telephone, of all things.

The partnership, initiated by Putin, did not survive very long at all. In early 2003, as the American invasion of Iraq drew near, the cracks widened with Moscow’s unbending opposition to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the US conquest of Iraq.

To Putin’s credit it must be said that he was the only world leader who warned Bush of the trap Saddam and his sons had prepared for the US army; a guerrilla war into which US troops would be drawn inexorably after toppling the Baath regime. Putin told the Americans that his information had come from Russian military intelligence-GRU, but the US president and his intelligence advisers decided not to heed the warning. Putin is looking to re- establish the earlier pact with Bush. Why? According to Putin, the United States shares four crucial problems with Russia: Europe, China, Iran and Islamic Terror. Putin is convinced that given America's current position in Iraq, an alliance with Russia is the only hope for restoring US standing in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates have initiated strategic changes that will lead them to alternative powers able to bolster their security and stability, freeing them from the previous close alliance with Washington.

Now, after a series of disappointments over Washington’s attitude on Chechnya and the Washington-engineered revolutions in the Ukraine and Georgia, Putin is again signaling Bush that he is willing to go back to their strategic alliance against Islamic extremists and global terror.

In the last few days, he posted a note to the White House to this effect. The US president responded Thursday, Nov. 10 by adding a visit to Moscow on his way to the Asia-Pacific Economic Summit on November 18-19 in Hanoi .The Moscow stop was initially planned for a refueling of Air Force One but the White House has decided that Bush will use the opportunity for a meeting with Putin.

Stay tuned - this could get REALLY interesting, to say the least; and the ramifications of any such 'renewed alliance' could be huge.

Please keep all this in your prayers, and pray that we would truly work in friendship with Israel instead of abandoning them.

Thanks for praying, thanks for caring.




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