Israel Updates: November 16, 2012

Dear Bros and Sisters,

Pls pray for safety for Israelis, as southern Israel is enduring frequent barrages of rockets from Hamas in Gaza. (Hamas is the elected government in Gaza.) So far, three Israelis wee killed, and there have been dozens of Israeli victims injured. Rockets have fallen around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!

Pls pray for wisdom and unity for the Israeli government and military. So far, Israel has responded with air force only (and killed the leader of the Hamas military wing). The Israeli military Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, believes that land forces should go into Gza immediately, while the Prime Minister Netanyahu prefers to wait.

Pray for success for Israel to eliminate this threat.

The leader of Egypt is calling on the U.N. to censure Israel for its "aggession", totally ignoring the origin of this conflict - the stream of rockets coming out of Gaza against civilian targets in Israel!

So pls pray for the U.S. and other nations to stand with Israel as Israel defends itself.

Pray the conflict would not widen. Pray Iran cannot use the distractions to enable them to move more rapidly toward acquiring and using nuclear weapons. Pray for protection for the U.S. and other allies of Israel.

More details can be found at these two good web sites and Pls save those addresses and refer back when needed.

Thanks for praying, thanks for caring!